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Kalmar Werkstätten

October 09, 2017
By: Aaron Peasley

Kalmar Werkstätten, the iconic Austrian lighting design company founded more than 130 years ago, is one of the few companies that has sustained a reputation for both heritage and innovation.


Hase BL Floor Lamp

A favorite partner of The Future Perfect, Kalmar’s exceptional products have been selected for some of our favorite contemporary interiors, both commercial and residential.


Posthorn Chandelier.

Since its inception over a century ago, Kalmar has advanced modern lighting, both decoratively and functionally, becoming a standard bearer with timeless designs that harmonize traditional technique with avant-garde design.


Kilo BL Floor Lamp.


Dornstab Floor Lamp.

Today, the company continues a generations-long legacy of collaborations with the world’s most prominent architects and designers, who work among a dedicated team known for their use of elevated materials such as rosewood, oak and blackened bronze, polished nickel, and matte black lacquer.


Hase TL Table Lamp.