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LA | The Lodge

February 21, 2017
By: Aaron Peasley

Since it opened in early 2015, The Lodge, an art gallery situated in on-the-rise East Hollywood, has become one of the West Coast’s most prescient cultural venues. “In many ways The Lodge is the anti-gallery,” explains its namesake curator, Alice Lodge, an artist herself who grew up among the creative communities of the Hollywood Hills and Sydney, Australia.


Gallery director Alice Lodge.

With a series of large, intersecting rooms - this is no glitzy white-box affair - and residential flourishes such as large plush velvet sofa, the gallery is much a place to hang out as it is a forum for discovering contemporary art. As the first studio of iconic Californian artist Ed Ruscha, the site also boasts a pretty impressive pedigree.


Wilhardt and Naud by Austyn Weiner.


Miranda July installing The Mini Show.

True to its founder’s background – which has included projects in film, fashion and hospitality – the Lodge’s art program pairs the familiar with the unexpected and draw’s some of the coolest members of the city’s creative class. Staged to great success in 2015, “The Mini Show” included diminutive works by artists such as Ed Ruscha, Miranda July and Geoff McFetridge. Other notable shows have included paintings by iconic figure Mary Woronov, sculpture by Matthew Rosenquist and exuberant colorful paintings of Austyn Weiner.


Photography courtesy of The Lodge.