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Marta Sala Éditions & Atelier Février

September 21, 2018
By: Aaron Peasley

For the Future Perfect New York’s first fall show, we’ve put together two of our favorite international designers, Milan-based Marta Sala Éditions and French rug designer Atelier Février. The collections offer two radically different design visions yet share a dedication to exceptional production and innovative aesthetics


Marta Sala Éditions, a collection of furniture and lighting curated by the brand’s namesake in collaboration with leading architects, is imbued with a sense of design rigor and a kind of orderly and thoroughly modern glamour that gives each piece a luxurious edge. Designed by Rome-based architectural studio Lazzarini & Pickering, Marta Sala Éditions - utilizing a rich palette of chrome, marble and brass - exudes what Sala herself calls “The secret soul of useful things.”


By contrast, Atelier Février’s rugs evince a more humanistic and craft-focused approach. Deftly blending the ancient with the new, each rug is an object in possession of singular beauty and otherworldly elegance. French designer Florian Pretet, who has worked with brands such as Hermès, sees each rug as an artist would a canvas, by projecting rich, meticulously patterned designs onto a functional three-dimensional format.


While their audacious designs and unorthodox finishes give the rugs their sui generis glamour, they also possess superior materiality with hand-carded and hand-spun wool sourced from Tibet and the finest quality silk available in China.