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Reinaldo Sanguino at Casa Perfect

July 18, 2017
By: Aaron Peasley

Reinaldo Sanguino, besides being the buffest friend in our Rolodex, is also one of the most inventive ceramicists and furniture makers around today. The Venezuelan designer’s much coveted stools - each a piece of one-of-a-kind art - have become iconic, appearing in some of the world’s most celebrated spaces.


Sanguino’s studio continues to expand. Visiting his workshop in Brooklyn, one understands how much time is injected into every piece. Most of Sanguino’s ceramic pieces take days - even weeks - to dry.


Ceramics and furniture have never made great bedfellows, but he has mastered a technique that creates furniture that whethers the weather inside and out. Once the pieces are finally dried, Sanguino hand paints each piece. With a vibrant palette, Sanguino’s painting is beautiful to behold.


Casa Perfect, our Los Angeles outpost, feels like the perfect setting for Sanguino’s current work. Stools, the keystone of the collection, are joined by backed chairs and side tables. There are also birdbaths and hanging pieces. Each represent an extension of Sanguino’s career. With their color, artistic splendor, singular flair and weatherability - we think they look right at home in Los Angeles.


Photography by Yoshihiro Makino.