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Shopping with Stefan Beckman

September 21, 2017
By: Aaron Peasley

"So many interesting pieces to choose from. I love the graphic nature of some of these pieces. They have personality and can stand alone. A great accent in an incredible space. I like that they could tell a story. I imagine them in a great environment. A film set perhaps"

With clients like Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Miu Miu, creative director and production designer Stefan Beckman is considered one of the fashion industry’s most formidable and imaginative creatives. Across more than 20 seasons, Beckman has created the sets for Marc Jacobs’ spectacular runways shows, which are widely regarded as the hot ticket of the week.

Beckman and Jacobs’ collaboration, often epically scaled, has featured themes as varied as Vogue editor Diana Vreeland’s red living room to a 38-foot tall hot-pink clapboard house. Beckman, a visual virtuoso finely attuned to the zeitgeist, draws from myriad sources - design, architecture and film - to develop work that’s simultaneously cutting edge and timeless. When he’s not developing experiential projects, such as exhibitions and events, he’s art directing high profile campaigns for some of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Below, we ask Stefan about his influences, as he selects his favorites from The Future Perfect.

On his TFP picks:

"I love the mix of metals. I picture this wall sculpture in a great Brutalist interior.

Sottsass or Mendini would be proud. I see the ROOMS Wild Minimalism console as an architectural piece in a room that needs more than just a plain table.

The Circle Armchair would be great against a wall that needs some art as well. A nice graphic play on line and shape."

"This Dimore Studio coffee table is very Halston to me if he would have done some colors in his interior. Love the tones and different planes.

I love that this light feels like a piece of art. A line drawing. It would be a great punctuation to a space.

The Kelly Console is a wonderful sculptural form that stands alone. This piece would be great in so many types of interiors. I see it in a futuristic sci-fi film."


Is there a campaign that you've worked on recently that's been particularly inspiring?

I have loved being involved in the campaigns for Miu Miu. They evolve around a theme and travel taking a cast of characters on a journey. Last season we spent a week in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.


Fenty x Puma FW 2016, photography courtesy of Stefan Beckman Studio.

Do you draw many of your influences from the design and art world? are there any that you're particularly inspired by?

I am always trying to see as much art as possible. Gallery shows and museums fuel how I see the world.


Marc Jacobs FW 2014, photography courtesy of Stefan Beckman Studio.


Marc Jacobs SS 2015, photography courtesy of Stefan Beckman Studio.

You are renowned for the shows you've done for Marc Jacobs, in particular. Is there one that stands out and why do you think it's been such a fruitful partnership?

Every one has been special in its own way. The Clouds season and Pink House season are some of my favorites.


Diane Von Furstenberg at LACMA, photography courtesy of Stefan Beckman Studio.

Do you think runway has changed in the age of Instagram?

For sure! The experience has become very important. Social media has upped the ante on what people see and share.


Coach FW 2017, photography courtesy of Stefan Beckman Studio.

How much impact do you think fashion has had on the design industry in recent years?

A lot. When I work with clients outside of fashion they are always looking to the fashion world for inspiration. The same goes for the design world. Both influence each other.


Gucci Shanghai October 2015, photography courtesy of Stefan Beckman Studio.