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The Infinity House article image
June 12, 2019

The Infinity House

The Up Studio’s mesmerizing Infinity House, located in Florida’s resort-centric area of Boca Raton, is a family retreat that plays with light and scale. The house is arranged into five separate zones, which, similar to a boutique hotel, offers a sense of autonomous space for all of the occupants. Given its location in South Florida, much attention has been paid to landscape and lighting design, shielding the house from the street while allowing the property’s rear to open onto panoramic water views.
100 Franklin Street article image
February 01, 2019

100 Franklin Street

The perfect New York apartment is a relative - and highly subjective - concept, particularly in downtown Manhattan. But it’s safe that a spectacular new model space, a collaboration between the Future Perfect and visionary developers DDG Partners, may just tick all the boxes.
At home with David Alhadeff, founder of The Future Perfect article image
July 19, 2018

At home with David Alhadeff, founder of The Future Perfect

David Alhadeff’s downtown residence was envisioned in much the same way as his gallery, The Future Perfect. First and foremost, he wanted his downtown apartment to be a showcase for emerging and established New York design with seminal works by Dimore Studio, Lindsey Adelman, Eric Roinestad, John Hogan and Jonathan Cross.
30 Years of Balzac article image
April 27, 2021

30 Years of Balzac

2021 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Matthew Hilton’s Balzac chair. Designed by Hilton in 1991 for SCP’s very first upholstery design, the Balzac has become a touchstone of contemporary furniture design. Beginning with a rough sketch made by Hilton, this chair was meant to invoke, as Hilton puts it: “...a contemporary, leather, comfortable club armchair ... [and] curvy, amoeba-like, anthropomorphic shapes and natural forms - not really a fashionable thing to be doing at the time.”
Constructively Restless article image
February 16, 2021

Constructively Restless

It is every artist’s prerogative to court a certain kind of discomfort. A perpetual state of unease that engenders momentum and forestalls inertia. Coming less from external production demands and more from the instinct to learn and grow, this inclination towards the unknown is essential to the exploratory nature of making things.
Interview with Bari Ziperstein article image
January 20, 2020

Interview with Bari Ziperstein

In both her design and fine art practices, Bari Ziperstein is constantly breaking the rules of contemporary ceramic art. Like compositions that seem to have rained down from another planet, Ziperstein’s works are always pushing the boundaries of process of construction. The LA-based ceramicist, now part of the Future Perfect Family has appeared in The Future Perfect’s MESS and The Chair shows as well as a current exhibition of new works by the artist at the company’s San Francisco gallery.
Mark Pavlovits article image
December 17, 2020

Mark Pavlovits

Every object you encounter is the terminus of a long process. Often, the most simple seeming things have the most complicated and arduous origins. A physical entity can contain an invisible story. Years of history, research and labor may be folded into its body. This is especially true of art objects, which are sometimes intentionally vague about the manner in which they came to be. Part of their appeal can be the evocative air of mystery about them - the impression of having just spontaneously appeared, already complete. The maker however, remembers.
The Gentle Immortality of Household Gods article image
November 12, 2020

The Gentle Immortality of Household Gods

Glass is a highly context-driven material. It’s always a vessel - for water, for light, for its own elaborate history and for its surroundings in any given moment. Both literally and symbolically, we use it to communicate vision. As a stained glass window or as the lens in a camera, it acts as a medium in the communication between light and the eye.
VIDIVIXI article image
August 06, 2020


VIDIVIXI’s newest collection is now available at The Future Perfect. The design firm collaborated with Douglas Fenton of Major Visual on a surreal digital rendering to bring each piece into our minds and homes. VIDIVIXI and Major Visual had been looking for a reason to collaborate for over a year and The Future Perfect’s first online exhibition presented the perfect opportunity. Major Visual specializes in visual narratives centered around interiors, design and architecture. For this show they created a simulated exhibition showcasing the work with each piece displayed separately within a glass box. Referencing traditional museum exhibition format, this display method underlines the high level of quality present in Grattan’s work. The presentation plays with scale—the furniture could be lilliputian, at display in the V&A’s archives, or it could be gargantuan.
Shopping with Dan Rubinstein article image
October 01, 2019

Shopping with Dan Rubinstein

To know Dan Rubinstein is to love Dan Rubinstein. One of New York’s key proselytizers of design and architecture, both local and global, Rubinstein is the consummate polymath, building a career that merges the roles of editor, writer, curator and consultant. Rubinstein has worked with some of the worlds foremost brands; created “This Is Not a House,” a much loved Rizzoli title; and worked as a curator conceptualizing such projects as “The Home Front: American Design Now” at the Museum of Arts and Design. Right now, Dan works with Departures Magazine as its resident design expert, where he’s tasked with creating the lauded bi-annual Departures Home + Design issues. Dan: let’s go shopping.
Shopping with Natalie Bloomingdale article image
July 16, 2019

Shopping with Natalie Bloomingdale

It’s rather an understatement to say that stylish California transplant Natalie Bloomindale is adept at multitasking. In addition to running boutique public relations firm Nash and Lee PR Shop, which collaborates with some of the biggest names in fashion and media, the Texan native has struck out with a new online retail venture SIL (stuff i love). As the title would suggest, Bloomingdale took the chance to create a highly personal selection that reflected her taste and glamorous Angeleno life. As such, Bloomingdale has collaborated with cult lesser-known brands including Cassandra Collections, Tish Cox and the vestigial Belgian shoe maker helmed by Hayden Lasher. One of SIL’s more intriguing partnerships is a capsule collection with the Beverly Hills Hotels, a longtime haunt of Bloomingdale. In that spirit, we slunk into a booth at the famous Polo Lounge to talk fashion, Hollywood and of course, Bloomingdale’s TFP favorites.
Shopping with Alex P White article image
May 02, 2019

Shopping with Alex P White

It takes just a passing glance through his Instagram to realize that Alex P White is unquestionably a triple threat: a man of style, substance and immense cultivation. The designer, who launched his own studio in 2017 after working with revered companies such as Kelly Behun Studio, balances vivacious residential projects and limited edition furniture projects, keeping this intriguing by weaving in varied pop culture references from Issey Miyake to Siouxsie and the Banshees. Any Alex P White project is guaranteed to have that certain frisson; imbued with erudite clues that extend down the annals of aesthetic culture. With his finely honed visual sense of space and dynamic, idiosyncratic nature, we’ve always thought of Alex as our ideal candidate for Shopping With…
NY | Pace's New Giant Flagship Gallery article image
September 19, 2019

NY | Pace's New Giant Flagship Gallery

For their new world headquarters, located adjacent to the city’s booming High Line, Pace gallery clearly didn’t seek to make just another gallery. Rather they’ve opened a game changer, a 100-million behemoth which has its official unveiling last week.
NY | DS & Durga article image
April 12, 2019

NY | DS & Durga

Step through the doors of 251 Mulberry Street in Manhattan’s Nolita and you’ve entered the magnificent olfactory world of David Moltz and Kavi Ahuja, the husband and wife duo behind virtuoso fragrance brand D.S. & DURGA.
LA | Architecture & Design Film Festival article image
March 18, 2019

LA | Architecture & Design Film Festival

Given its wealth of magnificent buildings - from the soaring Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall to the highly idiosyncratic modernist homes by the likes of Neutra and Schindler - it makes perfect sense that Los Angeles would host the nation’s largest film festival dedicated to the topics of design and architecture.